Prof. Henrik Saalbach (Uni Leipzig): Does the recognition of a communicator’s intent in indirect communication depend on cultural values? A comparison of Chinese and German children in a behavioural act-out task

Dr. David Buttelmann (Uni Bern): Communication and Theory of Mind

Prof. Beate Sodian & Dr. Tobias Schuwerk (LMU München): Communicative abilities of typically-developing children and children with Autism

Dr. Kirsten Abbot-Smith (University of Kent, UK) & Dr. Danielle Matthews (University of Sheffield, UK): Relevance inferences and Theory of Mind

Dr. Napoleon Katsos (University of Cambridge, UK), Prof. Gerlind Große (FH Potsdam), & Prof. Michael Tomasello (Duke University): Cognitive processes underlying informativeness and ad-hoc inferences

Prof. Moritz Daum & Dr. Anja Gampe (Uni Zurich) & Dr. Antje Endesfelder-Quick (Uni Leipzig): Relevance inferences of monolingual and bilingual children

Prof. Mutsumi Imai, Noburo Saji (Keyo University), Prof. Gerlind Große (FH Potsdam), & Henrik Saalbach (Universität Leipzig): How do children construct the lexicon? A developmental and comparative study of concept formation.